Royal Parks Run for KL

A very good friend of ours – Rob Rea – has chosen to raise funds for KL by running a Half Marathon. This is his training blog.

Hi. Thanks for sponsoring me to run the Royal Parks half-marathon (and if you haven’t, please do!). It’s now just four weeks away, and I had thought that I would be further ahead in my preparations by now. The original plan was to be doing at least one 20k run a week by the start of September, allowing me to get comfortable at that distance and spent the last week or two tapering my training runs to get ready for the big day on October 11th.

But one thing led to another, I lost a couple of weeks training to a cold, procrastinated a bit when I should have been pressing on, and by the start of August I’d done no more than one 12k run in addition to my usual training runs. So I’ve had to start upping the distance a bit sharpish, trying to lengthen the long weekly run by 1k each week, so that I can be at about 20k by the start of October.

I managed 16k on Tuesday, and the first fifteen felt just about OK. The last kilometre was torture though – my legs felt like they were encased in concrete. I am NOT looking forward to 17k this week. I will give it a go on Thursday though, and let you know how it goes.

I’d also like to do the race in under 2 hours. I managed 2.04.29 last year when I was running it for MND, and in theory I should be able to go faster. The times in training don’t look hugely encouraging so far though.

Fingers crossed..

Rob Rea