Home run at Khaya Lokukhanya
Home run at Khaya Lokukhanya


In 2003 Barkly East, a small farming town in the mountains of the North Eastern Cape, like much of South Africa, was feeling the effects of the HIV Epidemic.

Parents and grandparents were dying.

Children were left to fend for themselves, many of them also infected.

Public provision of anti-HIV drugs was yet to roll out to most South Africans.

Thanks to a generous bequest, a local social worker and other key members of the community decided to open a home for vulnerable children. A house with a large garden was purchased and Khaya Lokukhanya, or KL as it is affectionately known, was born!

The KL doors have been open to many children since 2005. Help has come to us from around the globe, through donations of time, love, expertise and money.

It is an inspiration to be part of the KL story.