Race to the Stones – Final Countdown

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Two weeks to go to the stern challenge of 100 kilometres of lovely Oxfordshire and Wiltshire countryside.

Our dear friend Colin Blyth, hard man from the North East, has lost the battle to get fit for the event in a few short weeks after knee surgery and reluctantly but wisely withdrawn from Team Khaya.

On June 18 Rob and Clare completed their final preparatory race – the brutal Offas Dyke 15 mentioned in the prior blog – which is hard enough without 28c temperatures. At any rate we survived and returned, for the first and surely the last time, with tans from a weekend in Wales!

Before and during that race Rob felt a familiar strain in his right calf and booked in with Dawn, our friendly sports osteopath and magician. Sticking needles into tiny tears in the muscle (fun for her, not so much for him) she banned him from stairs and any runs longer than 10-20 minutes, which is a bit unfortunate as we contemplate 14 hours or so on the trail. At this rate it promises to be a Walk to the Stones.

We shall see. At least we launched the fundraising page today.

Which means we are DOING IT!