Trent Park Bake Sale for Khaya

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On April 29 we had a bake sale fundraiser for KL at the Southgate Hockey Centre which also hosts the Trent Park Running Club. This was the organised by the wonderful Foulla Green who showed that not only is she a a keen runner (one of the most dedicated in the club) and baker (Sunday runners are routinely treated to delicious brownies) but also has a big heart!

The Murphy/Jones household was busy the night before, with three contributions including two types of chocolate brownies and a fabulous chocolate layer cake – hmm, bit of a theme here – the last of these made by our girls from Uganda: Sarah and Victoria.

Cakes on parade with organiser Foulla (with medal)

Foulla could not have picked a better day for the contest. A hockey tournament, a running club presentation and monthly handicap together guaranteed a full house of potential customers, but the response from the bakers was equally impressive, with lots of beautiful cakes entered for the competition. It was won by Diane Duberry, a good friend and supporter of KL, and that massive chocolate creation of Sarah and Victoria? It came in a creditable 2nd.

Pics and artefacts from the project and South Africa

The project was showcased in a selection of photos and artefacts from the project and South Africa. The really important part, though, was the £620 raised for the kids at KL. Hearty thanks to Foulla, the girls and all those sweet tooths (teeth?) out there!