Cluster Foster Home

A Cluster Foster Home is a place that is a close to a family unit as possible, run by a foster-mother, providing care for up to 6 children, and KL provides one of only two functioning in the Eastern cape.  Currently two full-time foster mothers provide care for 17 foster children.

Place of Safety

KL works with the South African Department of Social Development to provide emergency placements for children in a crisis. When the crisis or emergency has passed the children may go back to their families, or be placed in foster care with other family members, other foster parents, or at KL.  We continue to provide place of safety for children but have not received reliable Department funding since 2009. The constant coming and going of often very traumatized, disturbed or sick children can have a detrimental effect on children in long-term foster care.  A dedicated building was purchased with private donations, but we are still waiting for funds from the Department of Human Settlements. When renovated, this building will provide a place of safety for up to 12 children.

Local Partnerships

KL has long been recognized as a reliable, transparent organization by the Department of Social Development, which has financed smaller community projects under the auspices of the KL team, including:

  • Training – KL is involved with training foster carers and social workers in the Joe Qgapi District.
  • Education – In conjunction with WITS university and the SA Institute of Entrepreneurship, KL has provided a building for proposed computer literacy training for young people in the Barkly East area (IKHAYA LETHEMBA).

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